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2012 Harvest and Crush Complete

In the early morning of October 15, we completed our 2012 harvest.  This year’s fruit was sourced from a dedicated block of just 350 vines and exhibited outstanding flavors.  As can be seen here, the skins of the grapes were a fantastic dark blue-purple color.  Sugar was measured at 27 degrees and, most importantly, Kian is excited about the fruit’s flavor profile.  In just under 3 hours, the team picked just over 2-tons of Zin and from there it was off to the winery.

After destemming, we took the extra step to review the berries on the conveyor table to ensure we had only the finest berries for the wine.  We then cold soaked for 4 days prior to fermentation.  By cold soaking, we achieve better color extraction, increased aromatics and flavor elements and finer, more mouth-friendly tannins.

Fermentation is now complete, and last week we pressed the wine into a mix of new and neutral oak barrels.  Now it is all about 13-15 months of peaceful aging!

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