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Summer Newsletter

Happy Summer! We have many updates from the vineyard and winery to share with you.  As always, thank you for your support of our family winery!
Vineyard Update
It’s been an “interesting” Spring and early start to Summer.  The Spring season saw relatively cool temperatures, with vigorous vine growth due to the extensive ground moisture from the drought ending rains of Winter.  Then, on June 11, a rare hailstorm was observed in parts of Lodi.  By contrast, just one week later on June 18, extreme temperatures over 105 degrees were recorded, beginning a heatwave that continues as I write this.  As a result, we have taken careful steps to manage the vine canopy to ensure better coverage for the west side of the vines but still opening up the vine for enhanced airflow. Veraison is now just around the corner when we will see the first color of this year’s fruit.

2016 Rosé – SOLD OUT
Thanks to overwhelming interest by all of you, we are completely sold out of our 2016 Rosé. For those interested in receiving an allocation next year, please remember that priority is given to those that buy a case or more of our flagship Zinfandel. While we are looking to increase production of the Rosé for 2017, it will still be in the “tens” of cases, so please make sure you stay alert when we open up pre-orders early next year.

2016 Petite Sirah
Last month, Kian and I barrel tasted our inaugural Petite Sirah vintage, and we can’t adequately describe how excited we are!  Harvested in September 2016, the wine demonstrates the deep color, rich tannins, and the fruity, blueberry notes you would expect from a PS. Like the Rosé, we expect this to sell out immediately.  Priority purchasing is given to those folks who purchase a case or more of the Zinfandel.  We will provide more details as we approach bottling in 2018.

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