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2014 Harvest and Crush Complete

In the early hours of September 12, we completed our harvest for 2014.  Totaling approximately 2.5 tons, the grapes were immediately transported to the winery for crush.

Ready for crush!

Ready for crush!

For 2014 the fruit load was managed even more meticulously than previous years, with a portion of the vines restricted to only one grape cluster per shoot.  The resulting fruit is fantastic, and Kian is extremely excited about the color and flavor profile!  It’s somewhat sad as we still have to wait another 16-18 months before we see the fully finished product.

Wine Enthusiast Recognizes Mikami Vineyards as “Trail Blazer”

Jason and Kian We are honored to be recognized by Wine Enthusiast in its July issue as one of the leading artisan winemakers in the Lodi appellation.  As we move towards the release of our 5th vintage later this year, this acknowledgement validates our efforts in producing only the highest quality wines possible and energizes us for the future!

You can read the article here:

Our Japanese American History

Recently we were honored to be featured in Nikkei West, a news site covering the Japanese American community.

As noted in the article, we are proud to be one of a small number of Japanese American families engaged in the grape and wine business.  During the early to mid-2oth century, Japanese immigrants were an integral part of California agriculture.  However, now in the 21st century, very few of the children of those laborers still engage in farming.  With our wine, we hope to honor the tireless efforts of our parents and grandparents.

We hope you enjoy the article.  Please click on the images to enlarge.

Nikkei West DEC 25 2013-page 01

Nikkei West DEC 25 2013-page 02

2011 Zinfandel Release Now Available

We are pleased to announce that our 2011 Mikami Vineyards Zinfandel is now available.  The 2011 growing season was highlighted by a milder than normal summer for the Lodi appellation, and this shows through in this vintage.  The moderate temperatures created ideal conditions for balanced fruit development.  As Kian notes in his tasting summary, “Balanced and focused, this wine offers plenty of ripe fruit flavors in the entry and midpalate, leading to a rich and enhanced finish that lingers with lovely spice and earthy nuances.”

As always, the wine is only available to members of the newsletter group.  Interested parties should sign up to receive an allocation, if available.

2013 Harvest, Crush and Press Complete

Early on October 10, we completed the 2013 harvest amidst beautiful conditions.  Totaling over 3 tons of fruit, the 2013 harvest represents our largest production for the winery.  The fruit was handpicked from roughly 450 dedicated vines and was hauled immediately to the winery for crush.  After a 5-day cold soak, fermentation was initiated, and on November 1 pressing was completed.  Now, it’s 15-months of barrel aging in a mix of new and neutral American oak.  We can’t wait for our first barrel taste in a few months to see how things are developing!

Hauling the 2013 Mikami Zinfandel Fruit

Hauling the 2013 Mikami Zinfandel Fruit

Best of Class! 2010 Zin Honored at San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

We are excited to have our 3rd vintage recognized by one of the most prestigious wine competitions with the designation of Best of Class.

After receiving 5,500 entries from more than 25 states, the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition, hailed as the largest competition of American wines in the world, identified our 2010 Zinfandel as the best in the $35-$39 category. We are humbled and thrilled to receive such an honor given the other distinguished Zins in our category (see here for the other honorees). Last year, our 2009 Zinfandel was awarded with a Gold Medal, so to surpass that with the designation of Best of Class this time is truly an honor.

We will be pouring our wines at the 2013 Public Tasting held at Ft. Mason in San Francisco on February 16, so if you are in the area we hope to see you!


2012 Harvest and Crush Complete

In the early morning of October 15, we completed our 2012 harvest.  This year’s fruit was sourced from a dedicated block of just 350 vines and exhibited outstanding flavors.  As can be seen here, the skins of the grapes were a fantastic dark blue-purple color.  Sugar was measured at 27 degrees and, most importantly, Kian is excited about the fruit’s flavor profile.  In just under 3 hours, the team picked just over 2-tons of Zin and from there it was off to the winery.

After destemming, we took the extra step to review the berries on the conveyor table to ensure we had only the finest berries for the wine.  We then cold soaked for 4 days prior to fermentation.  By cold soaking, we achieve better color extraction, increased aromatics and flavor elements and finer, more mouth-friendly tannins.

Fermentation is now complete, and last week we pressed the wine into a mix of new and neutral oak barrels.  Now it is all about 13-15 months of peaceful aging!

Early Sampling of 2012 Fruit

Early Sampling of 2012 FruitYesterday, we conducted focused sampling and tastings to see where things stand in the vineyard.  Though we are still about 6 weeks from harvest, if this early tasting is any indication, we are in store for a great vintage.  We observed small to moderate sized berries and a mature flavor profile not expected from young fruit in mid-August.  Good sugars were present but, more importantly, there was a depth to the flavor beyond the simple sweetness of the sugars at this point.

Things can change in a hurry in the vineyard, but so far we are excited at the potential this 2012 vintage holds.

Véraison is here!

Véraison - 2012 Mikami Vineyards

Véraison – 2012

Véraison is finally here, and we are starting to see the bunches ripen. With the recent stretch of unseasonably cool weather, the 2012 harvest is likely to be 1-2 weeks later than normal. However, with the current forecast calling for warmer weather, we will see an acceleration of ripening and get us back on track for an early October harvest.

2010 Zinfandel Named Best of Class at Los Angeles International Wine Competition

On June 18, our 2010 Mikami Vineyards Zin was named Best of Class for the Zinfandel category at the LA International Wine Competition.  In addition to being awarded a Gold Medal, the wine was given a rating of 93 points.  The wine competition saw nearly 3,300 international wines tasted and wines were tasted by a 75-member panel comprised of international judges, ranging from Master Sommeliers to chefs to wine writers.  We are honored to have the 2010 recognized and are excited to now have back-to-back Gold Medal winning wines, having received a Gold Medal from the San Francisco Chronicle Competition earlier this year for our 2009 vintage.  

The 2010 is now shipping.  Please remember that our wines are only available to our newsletter members.  Join now to receive information about receiving an allocation.