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The Vineyard

Springtime in The Vineyard

Springtime in The Vineyard

Mikami Vineyards consists of 15 acres of Zinfandel located in the California appellation of Lodi. The history of the vineyard starts over a century ago in 1902, when the first grapevines were planted on site.

Located sixty miles east of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mikami Vineyards is situated in the San Joaquin Valley between the San Francisco Bay and the foothills of the Sierra Nevada. During summer days, temperatures in the vineyard are cooled by maritime breezes from the bay creating favorable conditions for producing wine grapes with complex structure and intense fruit character.

Zinfandel has been grown on the vineyard since 1923, with the latest renovation to the site completed in 2005. Situated in some of the region’s best soil conditions, Mikami Vineyard’s mission fine sandy loam provides the ideal environment for high quality Zinfandel. Such soil conditions allow the vines to slowly draw water to produce uniform and balanced growth. Vines are planted with only 4 ft. spacing to force greater competition among the vines, helping to create more concentrated fruit.

Mikami Vineyards 1960

Mikami Vineyards circa 1960

This environment combined with the dedication and experience of the Mikami Vineyards team culminates in the finest Zinfandel wine.

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